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  SCRAPBOOK-BYTES  :: PS & PSE Tools  :: ACTION Alpha Quick photoshop PS7, CS, CS2 by Terry

  ACTION Alpha Quick photoshop PS7, CS, CS2 by Terry #20067

Date Added: 09-01-2012



PERSONAL EDITION for PHOTOSHOP 7, CS, and CS2 - Create your own alphabets on the fly using your favorite background papers and fonts! With the speed of an action, you can combine many different alpha styles quickly for your layouts! Inidividual layers allow you to customize! Do you have a thin font? This action has the ability to thicken it for you! Look at the detailed description for more information!When you load TM-ALPHA QUICK full version, you will see the following actions:1. Alpha Quick this action will create your alphabet with no interaction needed. The mat is 15pt larger than the alpha. If that is too big, I suggest you try Alpha Quick 10 (which has a smaller mat). If neither of these mats suit your need at the moment, run the ALPHA QUICK INTERACTIVE action which allows you the option to thicken your alphabet (if you want) and to change your mat size, larger or smaller.2. ALPHA QUICK 10 see above has 10pt mat.3. ALPHA QUICK INTERACTION is your font too thin? This action allows you to thicken your font. Do you want a different sized mat? This action also allows you to adjust the size of your mat.4. **** EXTRAS BELOW ***** this is just a divider line. Anything below this can be run AFTER one of the top actions is run (i.e., alpha quick)5. ADD LIGHT GRUNGE EDGE this adds a few spots to the edge of the alphabet. NOTE: change color of this edge with an action below.6. CHANGE COLOR MAT This easy way allows you to easily change the color of your mat. NOTE: You can use the eyedropper and click on any color on your alphabet, layout, etc., and the background mat will change to that color!7. CHANGE COLOR GRUNGE easy changes the color of your grunge. For instance, if you have pink paper/alpha, you might want white dot accent/grunge. Darker papers may want darker spots. Also can use the eyedropper for precision coloring.8. ADD METAL MAT STYLE this makes the mat a rusty metal. This is a layer style and can be adjust by you!!!9. ADD CHROME STYLE this style may actually look gold depending on the paper you use. But it applies a chrome style overlay. You can manually adjust these settings once run. Style reacts differently with different papers. Have fun!NOTE: Each of the layers has a light drop shadow LAYER STYLE. You can REMOVE or CHANGE that style as you wish. Suggestion, for some papers, it looks good to add a slight bevel edge to the top layer. Feel free to add any or remove any styles.Also, before you MERGE VISIBLE LAYERS, consider running actions or your favorite filters on the alphabet layers. How about applying a torn edge. With the separate layers, this is an easy task.Please keep looking at my updates actions to help you streamline and lessen your design time

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Additional Details
Download Size 87.1KB
Download Time Less than 1 minute @ 1.8mbs [Change Connection Speed]
Price: $9.99


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